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Porn bunker

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Imagine my surprise when I began to read the delightful New York Times interview with Stephen Colbert, tackling such things as his background and how the show’s writing process is “extravagantly wasteful.” Colbert likes to say, “Let’s make it perfect and then cut it.”

Then — do my eyes deceive?

Other promising bits abandoned recently were one about a porn bunker developed by some adult filmmakers in anticipation of the Mayan doomsday prophecy

Wait? What? There’s something like that?

I go to Google faster than a zombie shambles toward a post-apocalyptic straggler.

Uh, file this under “not surprising,” but the website is Not Safe For Work. However, should your curiosity get the better of you after hours, this quote made me giggle:

According to Pink Visual spokesman Quentin Boyer, the bunker is envisioned as “far more than a mere bomb shelter or subterranean survivalist enclave,” adding that the company “intends to ride out the 2012 apocalypse in style.”

Ride out. Hehehehe.

Our goal is nothing less than to survive the apocalypse to come in comfort and luxury, whether that catastrophe takes the form of fireballs flung Earthward by an all-seeing deity, extended torrential rainfall, Biblical rapture, an earthquake-driven mega-tsunami, radioactive flesh-eating zombies, or some combination of the above. We also intend to maintain our website update schedule throughout the ordeal, even if those websites are only available on the bunkers self-contained local network by that time.”

While Boyer conceded that building the bunker is “obviously a major undertaking” he said he remains confident that Pink Visual will complete all major construction by September, 2012, and that the bunker will be fully operational well before the end of the “Great Cycle” tracked by the Mayan Calendar Stone.

I mean, I couldn’t even make something like this up! Can’t you imagine the kind of wild solstice party they’re going to have in there? I mean, what are they going to call this place for short, a porker?

So, mark the date on the calendar. The apocalypse has officially zoomed by the mainstream to become ubiquitous when even porn stars worry about doomsday.